Ice-group Initiatives

The Ice-group has a number of community projects and investment initiatives. These are listed below:

1.) The Zero Carbon earthquake and cyclone resistant social housing project is ready for roll out across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The easy to erect pop up steel frame construction contains all energy, smart-grid, water and sanitation options for both remote rural and urban row house configuration. The flexible wall construction system can even be configured into low rise apartment blocks, or massive multi-room country mansions.

2.) The Health Initiative aims to address early child and maternal health issues in remote Aboriginal, African and Asia Pacific countries. The initiative is both a hands on consulting and training service as well as an e-learning initiative. The e-learning initiative is currently in trial phase. Other services focus on aged care, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, preventative health as well as nurse and community care worker training.


One thought on “Ice-group Initiatives

  1. The AWEI and DWPA have agreed on the most common wind turbine types for generic collaborative training, testing and certification in accordance with the Australian National Training Standards. The AWEI has also signed a collaborative agreement with VesperWind (US) to deliver testing, inspection, certification and traininhg for Wind Turbine Blade services. An exisiting collaborative agreement with Garrad Hassan to address Australian certification of manufacturing and O&M standards compliance will be expanded in view of the July 2010 revised standards documentation.

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