About The Ice-group


The Ice-group consists of associate and partner companies as well as private expert consultants committed to delivering excellence in the area of environmental and gray infrastructure that enable the development of sustainable solutions for resilient communities. Our motto is “Design Sustainability for Resilient Communities”.

The group capabilities are broadly described as following the UN development protocol for sustainable energy and food security, equality for women and child protection. Unlike the the UNDP the group focuses on delivering integrated urban and rural solutions that encompass all of the basic infrastructure needs in an economically responsible manner. Our integrate resilient community model leverages renewable energy with the delivery of clean drinking water, sewage and sanitation as well as education and health within a responsible community business framework. This integrated model is called the E-WASH system.Our model enables the poorest communities to take responsibility for their own income generation projects without continued reliance on NGO and government hand outs and support. The Ice-group of companies, partners and associates is not a charity, but a for profit group operating as expert facilitators to government and business in the Asia Pacific region.

The group capabilities in agri-business, land, ocean, wetland, forest and farming land rejuvenation as well as mining reclamation are  only some of the expert services we provide. We also provide expert Business Development, Management to the  G2B and B2B sector in both an advisory and consulting capacity. We cover the areas of hybrid generation, smart-grid and storage integration, waste management, recycling and energy efficiency, urban infrastructure, transport and social housing.

Our expertise in education and training as well as all aspects of knowledge management, standards, compliance, knowledge transfer and testing demonstrate our commitment to emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region.


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